Sunday, May 29, 2011

Something Strange happened to me..

Last week, I opened my door to find a package on my door step. What was it? Another cricut expression 2. I got mine on hsn, and this one had me really scratching my head. I looked at all my accounts and there was no strange purchase or charge for this machine. So I called Cricut customer help to track it down. I was hoping that maybe I won it and never got the notice on it. Which could happen, my spam box is over protective.

Anyway, it took this nice girl on the other end named Ashley some work to figure out where this machine came from. She finally came up with an explaination. It was sent out of their replacement warehouse... But yet I never requested a replacement. Last time I ever called was in September with my imagine arrived missing a cartridge from a box. Anyway, she thanked me over and over for being an honest person and calling. So now I have to print out a prepaid fed ex label and attach it to the cricut then drop off at a fed ex location. So that's on my to do list this week. You know I would have really liked to hear that I won it off of one of the many blogs I entered. But I had to know for sure, I didn't want to be charged for a second machine. I had a person in mind that I was thinking I could sell it to at a great deal. She thought that was a cool plan too. Oh well, so I will say goodbye to this cricut expression 2, that found it's way from Utah to Texas for some odd reason. I love winning things, drives my hubby crazy, he tells me I need to play the lottery more.

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