Saturday, May 28, 2011

My daughter's birthday cake..

Okay, have to show this one off. I tried using that prepackaged fondant last year with no success and besides that the taste was ... I can't say anything nice. So I don't have the cricut cake, but kept reading about others making their fondants from marshmellows. And so I googled and found one to work. I used strawberry marshmellows in the pink fondant and with a touch of food coloring gel to pop the color.

And I made white marshmellow fondant as well. I wish I had taken a picture of the cake after we had cut into it, because I made a checker board cake. One that you use two batters and a insert in the pan, alternating. It turned out great. Strawberry and Vanilla cake on the inside. My inspiration was her theme, Minnie's bow. I think the parents were the ones that really ate up the cake. After the party was over, my daughter took a fork directly to the cake and really enjoyed it. This is the first cake in my house that didn't make it thru the weekend. We are not big cake eaters, especially with three birthdays in June just in my family. But you know, the cricut cake might have to go on my list to have someday. I don't need the big one, but maybe the mini would be perfect.

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