Tuesday, September 28, 2010

So I just started this yesterday and finished this today, YEAH! My sister's 40th birthday is the end of October and this summer on our family cruise my husband and I went kayaking with my sister and her daughter. And since I had some really great pictures and since they were not likely to have pictures of her and her daughter kayaking. Seems a little hard to achieve. And my sister doesn't have any actual albums. So I created this over sized tag album. Used my cricut to cut the over sized tags from kraft 12 x 12 paper, which was created with my gypsy. I then added 4x5 pictures and a little paper and stamp accents. I also distressed the tags with Tim Holtz stained walnut. I would love to say I used my imagine on this but not this time. I am currently hard at work on my family's vacation album... May I say its hard to do this album when we were traveling for three weeks. Too many great pictures and memories.

Okay, Imagine is here. LOVE IT!!!! And WOW, first project and success was easy. I made this simple birthday card for my niece and a topper to her present to cordinate. I can not believe the easy of this machine. Cutting letters are perfect even under an 1 inch tall comes out perfect. My expression may get jealous now.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I dragged my three kids out of bed at 6 am to get to the park by 7am to see the Hot Air Balloons set up, inflate and LIFT OFF! Absolutely wonderful, chilly but GREAT!