Saturday, April 30, 2011

Something that my son wears once a week!

I made this for one of my sons that has been taking karate for two years. I wanted to give the Car Decals cartridge from Cricut a try and this is what I came up with. A while back I had seen Karlee on Karlee's Krafts do this for her kids on her blog site, high recommend checking her out! I located the fabric at Hobby Lobby by the way it can be found on the isle where you would look for iron on letters for shirts and atheltic wear. It comes in a few patterns, its already pre loaded with stabilizer and iron on adheasive for fabric. Just place the paper side down on the cutting mat. And remember to flip your image if you have letters or words involved other wise it won't read after you iron it on. I thought I would have to use multi cut but I just made sure I had a fresh blade in. I am ready for this company to come out with more pattern choices! Enjoy!

Birthday Invitations for my sweet almost 4 daughter!

Okay So my daughter picked out a minnie mouse party. Is it fitting that we are having it at chuck e cheese??? Another piece of info, my first job in highschool was at chuck e cheese and yes I was sometimes the rat!

I took step by step photos. I loved seeing the invitations coming to life after each layer added.

If you haven't figured this out yet. I created a card on my gypsy. At first I tried to do it off of one end of her bow. But that did not work. I had to straighten minnie and then copy her and flip her upside down. Then I linked her together by the bow.

I tried one smaller and it was just too small to use a stamp to put all the generic invite info on the inside.

I am making shirts with the yudu for party favors. The boys with a black out of Mickey and girls a black out with Minnie with hopes of adding a pink bow layer.

Something I saw and loved off of another blog was using white paper and cutting layers and using markers to fill in the needed color. So I took this and used it here. Why create another step and cut all the eyes and tongue on white too. After it cut, I then used a red bic marker and colored it in. After which then I assembled.

Hope you enjoyed. I am learning and creating more with my cricut. And awaiting the arrival of E2, which is looking like it will arrive Monday May 2. Yeah!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter goodies for my Daughter's Preschool Class

Made little chicks from the Simply Charmed cartridge and then used the Peachy Keen stamps for the little eyes. Much more personality. I put each of the kids names on it and then added them to the baskets.

Made little Easter baskets for the kids and filled them with special goodies.

The total came to I believe waas 14 baskets.

I also made ceramic eggs with each child's name on them. Painted and glazed them. I know this was more for the parents then the child.

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Graduation Luncheon Invitations for my niece

These are one of the latest things I have been busy with. My mother is hosting a Senior Luncheon for my neice and her friends with their moms. I offered to make the invitations. I have other things I am making for the girls and decorations. So more will be coming soon for posting.

Today is the day. The DAY? The day for the launch of the new Cricut Expression 2 from Provocraft. Will be airing tonight. And I have been busy with mother's day orders which are now all fired and have one more order to finish prep for delivering tomorrow. So with that I think an E2 is at the top of my list.

Have a great week!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Submissions to the Cricut Expression 2 Challenge with Provocraft

This first Layout was themed after a child's first birthday. I started with a sketch and it took quite a bit of thought to how that sketch would work out. It eventually evolved and changed a bit. And this was an end result.

Over the hill, now I know 40 really is no longer considered over the hill. At least not in my book. But then again ask me in a few more years as I actually start sweating the idea of 40. I figure that now that I am almost 36 and have discovered that I have more gray hair then my older sister who is 40, it just can not get worse then that.

Last submission, was a spur of the moment idea. I had a hard time sketching three ideas. At first the third idea was around the concept of turning 16. But I sat down with some cartridge handbooks and looked thru the images to see what sparked an interest. I started out using the Imagine, it worked with my gypsy once then wouldn't recognize it again. A problem that I need to figure out. So then I decided to print the paper I wanted with the Imagine then took it to my expression and cut with my gypsy linked. I wanted to have the party hat go as big as I could possibly make it.

Now, I know my entries are not as elaborate as the others I have seen. Yet I am just proud of myself for challenging myself to take the time, work out my thoughts and then actually execute them. Mailing the package was more of the interesting part. It was missrouted in the postal system. So I was watching the tracking and confirmation on Friday, to see if it made it there before the deadline. And yes it finally did according to the tracking number. I would love to win the E2, my expression is surely on its last leg due to four collisions with the floor. I can hope can't I.. and I have a birthday coming up. So maybe with Mother's Day and Birthday and Anniversary I can get DH to love the idea of not shopping for me?

Happy Easter Weekend!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Cricut Bug gets Mosaic glass

Finally finished the wooden cricut bug head that I picked up at the Dallas Stampede. I think you might say I left my mark on him!

This was my therapy time on Tuesday. Just have to add a hook to the back, and yes I should have done that first! But he will find a home in my craft space!

Hope you enjoy!
Denise C

Monday, April 11, 2011

My Necklaces that got so much attention!

At the Dallas Cricut Stampede. I decided to make my roommates a little something special to honor the first ever event and coming together as roommates from three areas of Texas.
The necklaces were two sided. Now dangling from the bottom ring is a lampwork bead that I made to resemble "Cricut" and he's square with his face on one side and a C on the other. And he has tiny antennas because you just can't extend something like that on glass and expect it to stay in tack. After SOOOOOO, much interest and other circlets asking if I brought anymore to sell. Boy did I miss something. But I am seriously looking at selling the little bead charm. Not the whole necklace, anyone can go to Michael's and get the need parts for that. My part is creating the "Cricut". Anyway, leave me comments and I will starting thinking of my strategy here. I can not dive into making a lot more until summer hits. Need life to calm down. ROTFL!!!!!

Cricut Dallas Stampede 2011

Okay So this is what I have been working up to and busy with since January. I wanted to get everything done for the Stampede. The first photo is from the crop room, 200 of us. Second is I believe the Hello Thursday girls Melanie and Joy, in the middle is Monique. Awesome ladies, I was in such awe to be in the same room with them. But I finally got the nerve to say hello at the end of our lunch. I had roommates in place, no I never met them before but met them thru a thread I started on the Cricut Circle forum. Sandy, what a sweet lady! And Debbie, wow she rides a scooter, well if you saw the picture it looks more like a motorcycle then any typical scooter. What fun we had. These pictures of us, we are decorating our door for the contest. Sandy planned the concept, so we each had our part and brough all the elements together when we arrived. I was in charge of Cricut becoming a cowboy and riding in on a horse. Post a photo of that one later. And by the way, we won 2nd Place!!! Although we had some technical difficulties with a few wagons not wanting to stick to the wallpaper. Even got to sit in on the Pink Stamper's live Ustream. Will put photos up later from that event. I learned a lot from other obsessed cricut ladies! (like Me) Well that's it for now, I have a lot I want to get up on posts. So hope to have more updates and at the same time figure out more to this blogging set up. If you look me up on the Cricut Circle, I am DoubleTDenise. Say hello!