Saturday, April 23, 2011

Submissions to the Cricut Expression 2 Challenge with Provocraft

This first Layout was themed after a child's first birthday. I started with a sketch and it took quite a bit of thought to how that sketch would work out. It eventually evolved and changed a bit. And this was an end result.

Over the hill, now I know 40 really is no longer considered over the hill. At least not in my book. But then again ask me in a few more years as I actually start sweating the idea of 40. I figure that now that I am almost 36 and have discovered that I have more gray hair then my older sister who is 40, it just can not get worse then that.

Last submission, was a spur of the moment idea. I had a hard time sketching three ideas. At first the third idea was around the concept of turning 16. But I sat down with some cartridge handbooks and looked thru the images to see what sparked an interest. I started out using the Imagine, it worked with my gypsy once then wouldn't recognize it again. A problem that I need to figure out. So then I decided to print the paper I wanted with the Imagine then took it to my expression and cut with my gypsy linked. I wanted to have the party hat go as big as I could possibly make it.

Now, I know my entries are not as elaborate as the others I have seen. Yet I am just proud of myself for challenging myself to take the time, work out my thoughts and then actually execute them. Mailing the package was more of the interesting part. It was missrouted in the postal system. So I was watching the tracking and confirmation on Friday, to see if it made it there before the deadline. And yes it finally did according to the tracking number. I would love to win the E2, my expression is surely on its last leg due to four collisions with the floor. I can hope can't I.. and I have a birthday coming up. So maybe with Mother's Day and Birthday and Anniversary I can get DH to love the idea of not shopping for me?

Happy Easter Weekend!

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