Saturday, April 30, 2011

Birthday Invitations for my sweet almost 4 daughter!

Okay So my daughter picked out a minnie mouse party. Is it fitting that we are having it at chuck e cheese??? Another piece of info, my first job in highschool was at chuck e cheese and yes I was sometimes the rat!

I took step by step photos. I loved seeing the invitations coming to life after each layer added.

If you haven't figured this out yet. I created a card on my gypsy. At first I tried to do it off of one end of her bow. But that did not work. I had to straighten minnie and then copy her and flip her upside down. Then I linked her together by the bow.

I tried one smaller and it was just too small to use a stamp to put all the generic invite info on the inside.

I am making shirts with the yudu for party favors. The boys with a black out of Mickey and girls a black out with Minnie with hopes of adding a pink bow layer.

Something I saw and loved off of another blog was using white paper and cutting layers and using markers to fill in the needed color. So I took this and used it here. Why create another step and cut all the eyes and tongue on white too. After it cut, I then used a red bic marker and colored it in. After which then I assembled.

Hope you enjoyed. I am learning and creating more with my cricut. And awaiting the arrival of E2, which is looking like it will arrive Monday May 2. Yeah!

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