Friday, July 30, 2010

Humpback Whale that graced us with it's show in Juneau, Alaska. This is why my blog has not had anything added this summer. My entire family on my side got to spend two weeks on the sea traveling on the Amsterdam thru the inland passage of Alaska. Along with time days in Seattle and Arlington, Texas before and after Alaska.
WOW, what a beautiful State Alaska is. We managed not to encounter any rain during the two weeks, which was a first we were told on the cruise. It took me another month to lose the feeling of being at sea.
And lately I have been cleaning out my scrap area, organize, and decide what to take to a local shop DML to sell in the next used items sale in September. Having a hard time letting go of a few tools that I really hardly ever use. At least I have one more month to let go.
And with school rapidly approaching, YEAH! And with my hubby back on a new schedule, my daytime is going to open back up to getting back to scrapbooking and card making. I am currently working on an explosion box, but have a technical problem with the glue dots on the lid. So when I get that figured out, expect a posting on this project!