Monday, April 11, 2011

My Necklaces that got so much attention!

At the Dallas Cricut Stampede. I decided to make my roommates a little something special to honor the first ever event and coming together as roommates from three areas of Texas.
The necklaces were two sided. Now dangling from the bottom ring is a lampwork bead that I made to resemble "Cricut" and he's square with his face on one side and a C on the other. And he has tiny antennas because you just can't extend something like that on glass and expect it to stay in tack. After SOOOOOO, much interest and other circlets asking if I brought anymore to sell. Boy did I miss something. But I am seriously looking at selling the little bead charm. Not the whole necklace, anyone can go to Michael's and get the need parts for that. My part is creating the "Cricut". Anyway, leave me comments and I will starting thinking of my strategy here. I can not dive into making a lot more until summer hits. Need life to calm down. ROTFL!!!!!

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