Monday, April 11, 2011

Cricut Dallas Stampede 2011

Okay So this is what I have been working up to and busy with since January. I wanted to get everything done for the Stampede. The first photo is from the crop room, 200 of us. Second is I believe the Hello Thursday girls Melanie and Joy, in the middle is Monique. Awesome ladies, I was in such awe to be in the same room with them. But I finally got the nerve to say hello at the end of our lunch. I had roommates in place, no I never met them before but met them thru a thread I started on the Cricut Circle forum. Sandy, what a sweet lady! And Debbie, wow she rides a scooter, well if you saw the picture it looks more like a motorcycle then any typical scooter. What fun we had. These pictures of us, we are decorating our door for the contest. Sandy planned the concept, so we each had our part and brough all the elements together when we arrived. I was in charge of Cricut becoming a cowboy and riding in on a horse. Post a photo of that one later. And by the way, we won 2nd Place!!! Although we had some technical difficulties with a few wagons not wanting to stick to the wallpaper. Even got to sit in on the Pink Stamper's live Ustream. Will put photos up later from that event. I learned a lot from other obsessed cricut ladies! (like Me) Well that's it for now, I have a lot I want to get up on posts. So hope to have more updates and at the same time figure out more to this blogging set up. If you look me up on the Cricut Circle, I am DoubleTDenise. Say hello!

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