Saturday, May 7, 2011

Alright, Second project with E2


Okay, so after the first disaster of a card. Naw, not really. I can't tell you how many times I accidentally turned off the E2 when making selections on the screen. I would rest my hand and hit the power button. Oh and better yet, first advice about the E2, you have to load the mat before you cut!! Ha, yes you get confused with the Imgaine and expect the E2 to take the mat from you, NOT! Yes, a few adjustments.

Okay onto the card
Yes, these are my mother's day cards this year. My darling daughter, whom is almost 4, loves loves loves monkeys. So Monkey Business it is with the Just a Note preloaded cartridge. And inside, signed "your five lil monkeys!"

Here, I am using the tip I found on another blog. Instead of pulling out a little piece of yellow paper, use white paper and then bic or copic markers to color it! Fabulous!

Okay, So I was trying to conquer the shawdow issue. And now matter every trick I tried. It would not happen in any exact form. But it would close enough and to those that really don't understand my craft form, they won't notice!

However, here I did take on a challenge of changing up the monkey. Here's the deal, cut the card-write down the size. Then hit the monkey on the card layer. Look at the sizing under relative then select the true size. Now once you know the true size. I went back for the layers I wanted of the monkey in the non card feature. Taking that true size measurement and imputing it into the relative size. YEAH, I had the layers I wanted at the right size. One challenge accomplished. I hope that made sense. If not, let me know and I will put a step by step explanation up.

And the Inside of the card...

Creatively Yours!

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