Sunday, June 12, 2011

Something Strange that happened, Happened again!

First up, yes I am getting ready to get crafty again. Things have somewhat settled and just having to get ready for hubby working the midnight shift again.

Yes that something strange happened again. Somehow, on the same day they received the one I shipped back to Provocraft. Another was shipped to me again. And since I was out of town, I was reviewing the caller id and apparently Provocraft even called here while I was gone. So come Monday, I will be calling Provocraft again, trying to trace this machine. But I also encountered another problem recently with an Imagine Cartridge. Kate's Kitchen could not be read on either my imagine or my E2, bummer. But I have faith that it will get fixed. Just sadly I didn't check it out when I purchased it since I have never had that happen before. So warning,check to make sure your cartridges work.

Also discovered something interesting. I was linking up my imagine cartridges to my gypsy by way of the E2, yes you can. I gave it a try while packing to go out of town with hopes that I wouldn't have to drag my imagine out of the closet. Yes, its in a closet, I don't trust a little 4 year old girl.

Another update, I made it to the Greatest Scrapbooking Convention in Arlington, bad news was my classes were sold out so I sat in line to go into the exhibit hall. I saw a few from the Stampede. Walked around the hall at least 5 times making up my mind what I had to have. Found some hilarious stamps for upcoming cards! So hang in there and stay cool.

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