Monday, June 27, 2011

Update on the E2 return

Okay, so much for the wordy posts. But had to tell you how my second phone call went with Provocraft about the second extra machine. They found it amusing with what was happening. Apologized, emailed a paid packing label. And to compensate me, I was able to pick one cartridge that I have been wanting. Well, I was so excited. So Everyday Pop Up was the choice and now I am so intimidated by this cartridge. Anyway, I also had to talk to them about a cartridge for my imagine that would now work and since the ebay store would not return my email regarding to it no working. They said they take care of that and would be sending out a new Kate's Kitchen. Advice, check all cartridges as soon as you get them to make sure they are working. This was a first for me. The story continues, so the box shows up with the cartridges and open it up and find Nursery tails and everyday pop up. Yet the packing slip reads Kate's Kitchen. So another phone call. I felt silly for having to call once a week here. Yet again, they were wonderful and are sending the correct cartridge this time and allowing me to keep the Nursery Tails, which I am now looking for someone who wants it. So I am waiting again for Kate's Kitchen. For all the times I have had to call Provocraft, they have been more then wonderful everytime. I know some people have complaints but I think everyone has to remember that they are human too. So a Big thanks to Ashley and Ben at Provocraft customer service. Great JOB!

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