Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Graduation Card for my niece

Now here is yet a card style I have been wanting to make and try out. Had to find it on youtube. But that was the easy part.
This is for my niece, who was Valvictorian of her class. I absolutely had to be there for her. And thanks to my hubby, we made it happen!

I made the back part a pocket to put a check in for her dorm fund.

Okay so I am a proud aunt. This is the Valvictorian in the family.
I think I am getting caught up here. I had all these cards and hadn't gotten them up until now. I know these are all cards. I will be getting back to some scrapbook page layout soon. I am working on a layout that I purchased from Monique Griffith. And all I have to say is WOW. So much detail that I spent a long time a my groups crop working on it, but still haven't finished it. Mainly I think due to using the new Expression 2. I think I will finish it out on my my old expression. I still have to really figure out this new machine.

Anyway, hope to get a few more posts up.

Happy Crafting!

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